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Associated Grocers, Inc. provides the best quality and variety of products for our retailers. We are a company that has been a part of the fabric of the gulf coast community for more than 65 years, with our longest vendor relationship dating back that same number of years. The Associated Grocers, Inc. Vendor Portal is an Internet-based tool that vendors utilize to submit deal information directly to Category Management. Once proposed deals are submitted and accepted, they are automatically created in Midas, the Associated Grocers, Inc. selling system, and passed on to Member-Retailers based on the terms negotiated by the vendor and the category specialist. Vendor Portal is a tool for all vendors and brokers to submit deal information in this way only, which will reduce errors and increase corporate efficiencies. The Vendor Portal also provides the information you need to get set up as a vendor partner of Associated Grocers Inc.

For technical questions or issues, please contact Vendor Portal Support. For item, deal or survey questions, please contact your category specialist

General Documents
AGBR Vendor Agreement
Associated Grocers W9 Form
Audit Guidelines - Grocery and Frozen
Audit Guidelines - Perishable
Inbound Routing Guide
Letter of Guarantee
Managed Recieving - Vendor and Carrier user Manual
Non-GMO Form
Recall Letter to Vendors
Vendor Compliance Communication 05172017
Vendor Setup Form
General Information
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